Two Announcements from The Chipper Writer

1. The Writing Show is now all slush pile workshops all the time.

Click to listen to Big Changes at The Writing Show. The site and the forum remain up, as well as the shows I did as a guest host. You can also purchase a DVD of all 330+ shows for $39.95 plus shipping. Please email Paula B if you’d like one at Paula will also still be doing her story consulting, and if you need some help with your writing, she’s one of the best people you can turn to.

I’d like to thank Paula B for giving me the opportunity to guest host for The Writing Show. I’d also like to thank the writers who were my guests (John Derhak, Thrity Umrigar, Deanna Adams, Erin O’Brien, Michael Wilson, and Sarah Willis). A big thank you to all the listeners out there, and I hope you’ll continue to tune into The Writing Show for the Slushpile Workshops.

2. I’m launching a new series of online interviews with writers for writers called The Seven Questions Series.

The first, with Aggie Villaneuva, author of The Rewritten Word, will run tomorrow. The basic layout of The Seven Questions Series will be The Background on the writer, The Review of a piece of the writers work, and The Seven Questions. I plan to post one installment a month (for now, as I’m sure aspects of this will change as we go along).

If you’re a writer and would like to be a guest on The Seven Questions Series, please email me at for consideration.

I’m also excited that thus far I’m booked through May of 2011!

I hope you’ll stop by tomorrow to read the first installment of The Seven Questions Series!

Thanks for reading, and Happy Writing!

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