Life Lately: Childbirth & Sleep Deprivation

I’ve been on a bit of a writing hiatus since the birth of my second child, but I’m slowly starting to get into a routine and write more. I have two new FE Media parenting posts to share with you. Click the photos to read, and I hope you enjoy them. Thanks for reading and I hope to be back writing more soon.

Healing After Traumatic Childbirth: 7 Keys to a Better Birth Experience


6 Strategies to Survive Sleep Deprivation that Don’t Include Sleep When the Baby Sleeps


My newborn and I about two weeks after birth, bleary-eyed with sleep deprivation but happy and thankful!


  1. I SOOOO understand how parenting gets in the way of writing. both are so rewarding and both are important, but those little beings we created take time and energy. Do what you can while you enjoy mother hood!

  2. I am not sure if that comment went through or not, so I will try again!

    I just wanted to say that motherhood is exhausting and rewarding, and so is writing. You are doing great writing at all during this adventure. I feel the SAME way. Hang in there, Momma.

    1. Hi Margo, thanks so much for stopping by! I really appreciate your encouraging words. They have both already grown so much since I wrote this post, and I’m making a conscious effort to enjoy them because I know they’ll only be little for so long. The similarities between writing and parenting are so striking; writing a book or any other piece of work is akin to giving birth to a baby (minus the hospital room, one would hope). Thank you again for both of your comments (they did go through, I apparently have my blog set up so I have to approve comments before they are posted), and I hope you have a wonderful day! 🙂

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