The Chipper Writer Listed in The Written Connection

I’m pleased to tell you The Chipper Writer is now listed in a directory of writers blogs called The Written Connection. A.M. Kuska, the owner of The Written Connection, gave my blog a nice review and interviewed me, all of which can be read here.

The goal of The Written Connection is “to make it easy for writers to find other writing related blogs, and their voice to be heard as well.” Below are links to a few of the other writers blogs listed in the directory, and I recommend looking at them all.

Writing. Family. Life.
Author: EK Carmel

Write For Me

Author: Hallie Sawyer

Miss Rosemary’s Novel Ideas
Author: Rosemary O’Connor

Tales from the Writing Front
Author: Dara Sorenson

A Writer of Wrongs
Author: Terry Towery

If you’d like your writing blog to be considered for the directory, or if you’d like to recommend one, please email The Written Connection at

What are some of your favorite writing blogs? Please share!

Photo Credit: Blogging Research Wordle by Kristina B on Flickr

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