The Winners of the Blogophobia Conquered Giveaway

Here are the winners of a free copy of Laura Christianson’s e-book, Blogophobia Conquered:

1. Kass, who blogs at The “K” Is No Longer Silent and ReDoingTheUndone

2. Letitia Suk:

3. Lori Lowe:

4. Elisabeth, who blogs at Sixth In Line

5. Kristine Meldrum Denholm: and

Congratulations to the winners! Laura has e-mailed you your free copy. If you don’t receive it soon, it may have gone into your spam box. If that happens, please e-mail Laura at . I’m looking forward to reading your reviews!

You can read Review: Blogophobia Conquered if you’re interested in reading about this fantastic e-book for bloggers and wannabe bloggers. It’s a gem!


  1. Hi Kass! I hope you enjoy the book, I really think you will! It's a good one!

    Hi Elisabeth! This was the first time I was part of an “actual contest” in the blogosphere so that makes two of us! A win-win all around. It cheered me, too (winters are very long here in Ohio). I hope you enjoy the book! Like I've said before, I think you will like it; I'm very passionate about this book and think it can be of use to all bloggers.

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